Bass Book on Groove Design, Basslines, and Rhythms
by Philipp Rehm
Publisher: Alfred Music
In German
296 Pages, Format: 21 x 29 cm
438 audio examples (mp3-CD / Online Audio)
Featuring Ralf Gustke (Drums)
Including Bass Matrix Tone Navigator Bookmark

Shipping: Germany €3.50 | Netherlands €4.25 | EU from €10
ISBN 9783947998142 | Publisher-No. ALF 20281G
Price includes 7% value added tax (reduced rate Germany)



Welcome to the BASS MATRIX!

Dive into the captivating world of bass playing and discover everything you‘ve ever wanted to know about rhythms, basslines, and Groove Design. Rev up your bass engine with the innovative approach of the BASS MATRIX.

  • Make your timing and groove as solid as a rock. Unlock the magic behind riffs and basslines and explore their irresistible charm.
  • Enhance your rhythmic skills with subdivisions and groupings.
  • Draw from an extensive pool of bass riffs, fills, beats, fretboard diagrams, jams, creative exercises, and useful bass tools.
  • Practical groove methods for developing captivating basslines and bass & drum patterns.
  • Get that groove pumping, easily, in any groove situation and time signature. From 4/4 to Odd Meter.
  • Navigate effortlessly through many music styles: Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Metal, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Afrobeat, Latin, and more.
  • Explore an epic collection of well over 400 song and audio examples inspired by well-known songs, bands, and bassists.
  • including bass & drum groove atlas and a large fill-in library.

No worries about reading music. The specially developed BASS MATRIX notation is as intuitive as a drum computer. It shows you exactly where each note is and how long it should sound – even without any knowledge of sheet music.

BASS MATRIX helps you to build up your own groove and fill repertoire, ready to groove in all groove situations and keys, so that you can play in a song-oriented, solid and tasteful way – just as you need it for your everyday bass playing. Presented in a form that is suitable for beginners, advanced players and pros alike.

Guided by the renowned bassist Philipp Rehm and together with drumming icon Ralf Gustke, BASS MATRIX leads you into new and unexplored musical territories that you will love. Grab your instrument, make yourself comfortable and let’s rock together!