The renowned german bass virtuoso, Philipp Rehm, celebrates his new adopted home, Leipzig, with a tribute to Bach’s Organ Fantasy in G major – virtuosically performed on the electric bass and inspired by sublime organ concerts at the Thomaskirche. In his solo classical program, “BASS CLASSIC,” Rehm takes the audience on a unique classical journey and lets organ, piano, or viola pieces by German masters like Bach, Beethoven, and Hindemith resound in the modern, deep-toned landscape of the electric bass.

“Experiencing and interpreting this music on the bass fascinates me tremendously. Originating from the world of groove and solo music, my virtuosity here lies mainly in the authentic reproduction without added solos or underlying beats. I hold immense respect for the brilliance and intricacy of the originals.”

Rehm’s creativity manifests especially in making pieces like “Bach’s Organ Fantasy in G major” or “Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major” by Beethoven playable on the bass. In doing so, he employs original instruments – from the 6-string bass to basses with fan-fretted fingerboards. His expression, flowing phrasing, and timeless, unparalleled tonal hues breathe new life into the compositions. This is a true homage to the masterpieces of classical music, now shining in full splendor on the bass.

Philipp Rehm has long been a well-known figure in the European bass scene. In 2004, he was crowned ‘Germany’s Superbassplayer’ by the Bassprofessor magazine. His album, ‘The Philbum,’ featuring collaborations with renowned artists such as Rhani Krija, Ralf Gustke, and Jürgen Friedrich, received warm acclaim from the international press. The French Bassiste Magazine remarked, ‘With this masterpiece, he enters the league of the greats directly.’ ‘A true virtuoso who knows all the tricks.’ ‘Enormous talent’ (Jazzthetik). ‘Profoundly deep’… ‘Surprising compositions that lead you in unexpected directions – this is how Philipp Rehm and Marcus Miller stand out from the crowd.’ (Gitarre & Bass). In October 2023, his book ‘BASS MATRIX’ was released by Alfred Music and has been #1 on the Thomann Bass Book charts since then.

Rehm performs both as a solo artist and with electronics, having collaborated with the Dutch opera star Tania Kross. This cross-genre collaboration further inspired Rehm to embark on this classical exploration with the E-Bass.

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