Unleash Your Groove, Unlock the Secrets!
For beginners, advanced players, and pros
even without sight-reading skills

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The new bass book by Philipp Rehm, featuring Ralf Gustke (drums) | 296 pages, more than 400 mp3’s | German edition now available. English version available soon.

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Unleash Your Groove, Unlock the Secrets!

Tauche ein in die faszinierende Welt des Bass-Spiels und entdecke alles, was du schon immer über Rhythmen, Basslines und Groove Design wissen wolltest. Bringe deinen Bass-Motor auf Hochtouren mit dem innovativen Ansatz der BASS MATRIX.

Keine Sorgen mit dem Notenlesen. Die eigens entwickelte BASS MATRIX-Notation ist so intuitiv wie bei einem Drumcomputer. Sie zeigt dir genau, wo jeder Ton sitzt und wie lang er klingen soll – auch ohne Notenkenntnisse.

BASS MATRIX hilft dir, dein eigenes Groove- und Fill-Repertoire aufzubauen, das du in allen Tonarten und Situationen abgroovebereit hast, um songdienlich, solide und geschmackvoll zu spielen – ganz so, wie du es für deinen Bass-Alltag benötigst. Presented in a form that is suitable for beginners, advanced players and pros alike.

Guided by the renowned bassist Philipp Rehm and together with drumming icon Ralf Gustke, BASS MATRIX leads you into new and unexplored musical territories that you will love.
Schnapp dir dein Instrument, mach es dir bequem und lass uns gemeinsam rocken!

For beginners, advanced players, and pros, even without sight-reading skills

The Ultimate Bass Matrix Experience
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"I've only just started to get to grips with the content, but I can already say that it's fun and motivating." ... "The purchase was a good decision."

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"After working with Philipp Rehm's book, you will hardly have any unanswered questions on your list, especially from a rhythmic point of view!"... "Once you have understood the Bass Matrix, you won't shy away from even the most crooked meter!"

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