Guitar Summit Mannheim

On September 23, I had the pleasure of presenting the Bass Matrix at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim. In 45 minutes, I explored the fundamentals of the Bass Matrix with the audience, interspersed with some pieces from my solo program featuring bass and electronics. The focus was on Groove Design – discovering the perfect bass riff using the language of subdivisions. Playing stylishly, song-friendly, and creatively in every groove situation – with timing as solid as a rock.

I was invited by the kind colleagues from Musik-Wein, the distributors for the legendary G&L basses, a brand known for its wide range of high-quality, rich bass sounds. G&L, founded by Leo Fender, is renowned for models like the L-2000 and its extensions of the Jazz Bass and Precision Bass, JB, and LB-100.

The workshop was engaging, the response was fantastic, and the initial batch of books sold quickly. In 2022, I had already conducted a Bass Matrix workshop ahead of time at the Dresden Drum and Bass Festival. Just like then, it was a tremendous amount of fun, and I was delighted to feel that the Bass Matrix concept and groove examples were well-received by bassists of various backgrounds.