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Bass Matrix


This tone overview makes it even easier for you to find where the notes from the BASS MATRIX are located on the fretboard.



Kick-snare positions of the drum patterns from Toolbox 3 as MIDI files

Here are some of the Kick-Snare patterns from Toolbox 3 for you! With these, you can practice these bass-drum grooves even more effectively. Simply download the MIDI files, drag them into a sequencer track, ensure that the Kick and Snare (and in some cases, Hi-Hat) are correctly assigned, loop them – and then you’re ready to go! You can adjust the tempo and practice until you have everything perfected. And of course, feel free to get creative if you’d like. The file names correspond to the audio examples in the book, and if an example contains multiple beat patterns, they are numbered accordingly. Enjoy practicing and rocking out!

To download, simply click on the desired MIDI example:

Here you can see how you can use these midi files with the freeware MuseScore – it’s super-easy!

Here you can see how you can use these midi files with the freeware GarageBand – also super-easy!

P.S.: All over 400 audio tracks and their corresponding beats. That’s a lot of content – I’ll be gradually adding more examples. If you need a specific pattern that’s not yet included, just reach out to me via the contact form. I’ll do my best to prioritize those MIDI files and upload them next. You could also try setting the kick-snare positions in the same way using the Matrix notation in the book. By comparing one of the MIDI files with the corresponding section in the book, you’ll surely recognize how to independently create MIDI files from other drum patterns in the book.


Loop and vary tempo with the "ABLETON LIVE" software

Ableton Live is a great music software that you can use to practice even better with the audio examples in the book: looping parts, varying the tempo, etc. The software can do so much more – but it is simply ideal for this purpose. All you need is the simplest “Lite” version of Ableton – this is often included with other products, e.g. interfaces etc. Here I have template files for Ableton to download, with all the MP3s in the book. Take a look at the short video on how to set up the files the first time. At 1:12 you can see how to activate your book MP3s. Assign once – done. All mp3s in the book as a convenient, clearly arranged practice library. Simply click on the desired toolbox to download:

More toolboxes are in the works.
If you have any questions, just ask – via the contact form or a P.N. on Facebook or Instagram

Blank matrix sheets

Here are a few blank matrix sheets in which you can enter your own riffs: the notes, the frames and the rests. The easiest way to do this is to color the notes white and hatch the rests. There are simple template sheets for 8, 16 and 12. More are in the works.

Bass Matrix


In this PDF you will find the tempo for each of the 438 Bass Matrix audio examples.
Ideal for practicing individual passages with a metronome, or for looping the examples with an app or program such as Ableton Live and slowing them down if necessary.
This allows you to practise even better.
In many examples, several basslines groove into each other and are therefore repeated a maximum of 4 times.
Using the exact BPM tempo information, you can go deeper into individual sections and get even more out of the audio examples.

How can you develop your own signature basslines and apply your bass repertoire in any groove situation?

The bass matrix method applied to three different grooves

In this three-part video series, we apply the same bass vocabulary to three different rhythms in order to get into the groove and develop dynamic bass lines based on the rhythmic division. We also touch on familiar examples time and again. We use the popular groupings 42424 and 44332 for 4/4 time and the grouping 334, which is most frequently found in grooves in 5/8 or 5/4 time, as a rhythmic starting point. All three videos are based on the method and examples from the book and will give you an insight into how you can use them to create your own signature bass lines! If you like these previews, have a look at the ‘BASS MATRIX’ for everything else, you can find them in Toolbox1 (Grooving in), Toolbox2 (Groove Design) and Toolbox3 (Bass and Drum Groove Atlas).


3 Videos