Bass Matrix

Bass Matrix 1:1 Sessions

Elevate your rhythm skills, deepen your groove understanding, and unleash your bass creativity to a new level
– through exclusive one-on-one online sessions with the author of BassMatrix.

“Thanks to my extensive playing and teaching experience, I’ve developed a good sense of how your practice plan should look to effectively and creatively bring you closer to your goals. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced master’s student – I’ve accompanied many different individual bass journeys. A broad repertoire, great sound and timing, solid technique, and, if you like, virtuoso chops – there’s a lot to discover. Let’s explore together what works best for you! And perhaps personal lessons could be the perfect complement to dive even deeper into the ‘Bass Matrix.”

Unfortunately, my capacity for 1:1 sessions is limited. Just drop me a message here to check for availability. We can then discuss a tailor-made lesson plan based on your specific needs for your bass journey!

Philipp Rehm is not only the author of the new bass bestseller ‘Bass Matrix’ but also has extensive teaching experience. For instance, he has taught bass, studio recording and indian music at the University of Music in Mannheim. He also shares his bass expertise in workshops, such as the Dresden Drum & Bass Festival, Guitar Summit, Session Music, or the Modern Music School. He holds master level degrees in Popular Music/Jazz (E-Bass) as well as Composition/Arrangement.