Bass Matrix 1:1 Sessions

Take your rhythm skills, groove understanding, and bass creativity to the next level.
Develop your unique signature style, explore your bass personality, and learn all the skills you need for it.
With exclusive 1:1 online sessions with the author of BassMatrix.


“Hi, I’m glad you’re here! Do you want to give your bass playing a kick and expand your musical horizons? And how about taking a sneak peek into the BassMatrix while you’re at it?

Thanks to years of playing and teaching experience, I’ve developed a good sense of what a practice plan should look like for you to achieve your goals sustainably and creatively. Whether you’re just starting out, an experienced player looking to expand your horizons, or someone with a keen ear for music ready to take the next step – I’ve accompanied many individual bass journeys. A vast repertoire, good sound and timing, solid technique, and, if you like, virtuoso chops – there’s much to explore. Having started as a self-taught musician, I know from personal experience what it takes to develop your own bass style and musical personality. Personalized instruction also provides the perfect opportunity to delve even deeper into the ‘Bass Matrix’ and fully utilize its potential.”

“Since I aim to provide you with the best personalized support you need to succeed, my capacity for 1:1 sessions is limited. Just write to me here to check if there are still places available. Then we’ll discuss what suits you best and how we can shape your bass journey together. We can schedule a trial session to get started!”

Philipp Rehm is not only the author of the new bass bestseller ‘Bass Matrix’ but also has extensive teaching experience. For instance, he has taught bass, studio recording and indian music at the University of Music in Mannheim. He also shares his bass expertise in workshops, such as at the Dresden Drum & Bass Festival, Guitar Summit, at Thomann, MusikProduktiv, SessionMusic or the Modern Music School. He holds master level degrees in Popular Music/Jazz (E-Bass) as well as Composition/Arrangement.

Bass topics in focus:
Groove Repertoire | Timing, Steadiness | Fitness, Speed, Steadiness, Endurance for left and right hand | Rock | Funk | Latin Bass | Double Stops | Slap Songs, Repertoire, Technique | Scales and Pentatonic | Scale Patterns | Walking Bass | Improvisation, Bass Feature, Solo | Jazz | BassMatrix: Groove & Rhythm Basics, Groove Design, Bass & Drum Patterns, Fretboard diagrams, Fill-Ins, Odd Meter Transformation | Classic: Bach, Beethoven, Hindemith, adaptions | Each student receives their individual practice plan.

More about Philipp here on the Website.