Unleash Your Groove, Unlock the Secrets!
For beginners, advanced players, and pro’s
also without sight-reading skills

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The new bass book by Philipp Rehm, featuring Ralf Gustke (drums). 296 pages and more than 400 Mp3’s of bass joy. Bass-Drum-Groove-Atlas, Fill-in-Library and much more. | hand-signed | including Tone Navigator bookmark

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Welcome To The Bass Matrix!

Unleash Your Groove, Unlock the Secrets!

Dive into the captivating world of bass playing and discover everything you‘ve ever wanted to know about rhythms, basslines, and Groove Design. Rev up your bass engine with the innovative approach of the BASS MATRIX. No worries about reading sheet music: the BASS MATRIX notation is as intuitive as that of a drum machine. It shows exactly where each note is placed and how long it should sound – so no sight-reading skills required.

Looking for a stylish bassline? Each bassline and rhythm is based on a grouping. In the ‘BASS MATRIX,’ we explore numerous famous basslines and bass-and-drum patterns across various styles, from 4/4 to odd meters. We uncover their rhythmic foundations and see how these groupings are then filled with tones. This way, you can learn to develop your own signature basslines, solidifying your sense of rhythm and groove like never before.

With the intuitive Bass Matrix method, you’ll achieve in-the-instant progress and suddenly be able to play things you never thought possible before. BASS MATRIX helps you to build up your own groove and fill repertoire, which you can use in all situations to play in a song-oriented, solid and tasteful way – just as you need it for your everyday bass playing. The book is organized into six toolboxes that cover six aspects of bass playing – you can start right where you want. Presented in a form that is suitable for beginners, advanced players and pros alike.

Guided by the renowned bassist Philipp Rehm and together with drumming icon Ralf Gustke, BASS MATRIX leads you into new and unexplored musical territories that you will love. Grab your instrument, make yourself comfortable and let’s rock together!

Published by AlfredMusic-Publishing.

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For beginners, advanced players, and pros – also without sight-reading skills

The Ultimate Bass Matrix Experience

Open where you want - and get started!

6 toolboxes full of bass joy

Toolbox1 is all about getting into the groove and basic patterns. In Toolbox2, we refine the Groove Design method and then apply it to all key rhythms, from 4/4 to Oddmeter. Toolbox3 teaches you how to develop stylish and suitable bass parts for every drum beat - supported by an exciting bass drum groove atlas. Toolbox4 presents many practical fingering patterns and different bass sounds you can create with them. Toolbox5 focuses on fill-ins and offers an extensive library of groovy variations. Toolbox6 shows you how to transfer bass styles to any groove situation.

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Since its release in Germany: #1 in the Thomann Non-Beginner Bass Book Charts!

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Hand-signed and Bass Matrix Tone Navigator

Here on the website, you receive your book hand-signed and including the practical ‘Bass Matrix TONE NAVIGATOR’ bookmark!

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Bass Matrix Soundscapes

Here you can listen to some of the 438 mp3's in the book. In the big drum & bass groove atlas you can hear the fantastic Ralf Gustke on drums. Bass & Programmings: Philipp Rehm

About the author

Philipp Rehm is a bassist and music producer. Philipp Rehm is not just a bassist and music producer; he’s a sonic architect sculpting vibrant bass melodies and rhythms. His musical journey spans from being a sought-after studio bassist and solo artist to collaborating with influential names like Jazz Against The Machine, the illustrious Tania Kross, The Flames, and the soulful Cassandra Steen in the realms of pop and R&B. Recognized early on as Germany’s Superbass Player by BassProfessor in 2004, Philipp has since etched his name internationally. He graced the cover of the esteemed US-based Bass Musician Magazine in 2021, while across the pond, the French Bassiste Magazine hailed his album “The Philbum” as a “masterpiece among the greats,” previously crowned “Album of the Month” by Germany’s Sticks Magazine. In a mesmerizing fusion of innovation and rhythm, Philipp, alongside the exceptional drummer Ralf Gustke, commands an electrifying Bass & Drum duo. Their avant-garde performances have graced prestigious festivals, captivating audiences with their trailblazing approach. Fueling his passion for bass exploration, Philipp dives deep into the Bass Matrix adventure, sharing his expertise through engaging workshops and teachings at the Mannheim University of Music. Join him on a journey that transcends boundaries, where bass tones and rhythms paint vivid musical landscapes.

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Opinions from the Bass Matrix

"I've only just started to get to grips with the content, but I can already say that it's fun and motivating." ... "The purchase was a good decision."

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"I came across the Bass Matrix on YouTube and although I've been playing electric bass for 30 years and play from both sheet music and tabs, there are lots of new rhythmic ideas and explanations at the start, which are supplemented by YouTube links. Absolutely recommended to buy!!!"

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"Beginners, intermediate players, professionals – everyone gets their money's worth. You don't even have to be able to read sheet music, as Rehm has devised a new notation system specifically for this book, which is intuitive and therefore quick to adapt to."

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